Road freight transports goods by land vehicles like cars, buses, trucks, tankers, container, trailers, semi-trailers pulling cars, etc.


  • Delivering goods by road is always proactive in time and diversified in the type of goods transported. Although this mode of transport is limited by the size and volume of goods and is unable to carry large amounts of goods like sea freight, it is more flexible with goods in medium size and weight.
  • Road freight is the most popular form of freight. This mode of freight has outstanding advantages including convenience, flexibility and high adaptability to different geographical conditions, with high economic efficiency on short and medium distances.
  • Despite having the highest freight rate, road freight is considered a flexible delivery modes since it can deliver goods directly from warehouse to warehouse, from production place to consumption place, and can operate in all weather conditions.

Our services

  • Delivery of building materials: cement, plumbing, brick, sand, stone, steel, plaster, furniture, etc.
  • Delivery of agricultural products: Rice, corn, wheat, vegetables, fresh fruit, etc.
  • Delivery of industrial products: woven fabrics, packaging, animal feed, machinery, etc.
  • Delivery of exports and imports
  • Delivery of extremely large size and heavy weight goods