Sea freight is growing rapidly and becoming a modern freight sector in international freight system. This is the most economical mode of freight and allows cargo to the most remote places, which can not be achieved by rail and road freight.


  • Suitable for long international routes
  • High delivery capacity, is not restricted as other freight modes
  • Lower cost for delivering heavy cargo compared to road and air freight

Our services

  • Provide clients with forwarding exports and imports services by sea from Vietnam to anywhere around the world, and vice versa (Full Container Load and Less Container Load). The markets we focus include: India, Middle East, Japan and Asian countries
  • Provide container shipping from many ports in the world (especially Chinese market) to Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Da Nang with different delivery methods, such as Container Yard to Containr Yard (CY -CY), Door to Container Yard (DOOR-CY) and Door to Door (DOOR-DOOR)