Sea freight agency is an essential maritime service compared to other types of services. The purpose of this work is to make the activities of the shipowners convenient and achieve high economical value in international transport.


  • Traco work as representatives of carriers and operators to resolve the issues related to the vessel getting in and out of of the port, as well as to supply services to ships: card for seafarers to go ashore, food, drinking water, oil for ships, etc, and comply with government procedures when ships arrive, perform loading, unloading and delivery of goods to ships, customs procedures, along with providing other logistics services.
  • Traco is the agent for plentiful of large shipping firms as: MAERSK LINE, Kline, WANHAI, EVERGREEN, Yangming, HANJIN. Traco along with its partners have built a network of shipping, receiving its containers from other countries to Vietnam and from Vietnam to the rest of the world.

Our services

  • Agents for ships in port
  • Ship supply: materials, fuel, food
  • Serve ships, seafarers in ports
  • Agents for goods extraction.