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Logistics Services

  • FCL import – export services

    FCL (Full Container Load) export-import service is an international seafreight service designed for shipments ocean freight of the goods that an exporter or importer utilize exclusively a dedicated shipping container (usually a 20ft or 40ft container) Advantages Container freight

    Date 07/ 03/ 2017
  • Consolidation services

    Consolidation is a method of transporting goods when a client’s order cannot fill a container for one shipment, therefore it needs to be shared with other clients. As such, the company will combine the parcels of all clients, categorize,

    Date 07/ 03/ 2017
  • Tariff declaration agency

    For companies which are inexperienced in or do not have staff in charge of customs procedures, hiring a service firm is a safe choice, at least for the first shipment. Advantages Expertise: We have a qualified training system for

    Date 07/ 03/ 2017
  • Sea freight agency

    Sea freight agency is an essential maritime service compared to other types of services. The purpose of this work is to make the activities of the shipowners convenient and achieve high economical value in international transport. Advantages Traco work

    Date 07/ 03/ 2017
  • Multimodal freight services

    Multimodal freight, also known as Combined transport, is the transportation of goods under a single contract, performed with at least twon different means of transport, shipping goods from one particular place to the assigned destination.   Advantages Multimodal freight

    Date 07/ 03/ 2017
  • Road freight services

    Road freight transports goods by land vehicles like cars, buses, trucks, tankers, container, trailers, semi-trailers pulling cars, etc. Advantages Delivering goods by road is always proactive in time and diversified in the type of goods transported. Although this mode

    Date 07/ 03/ 2017
  • Air freight services

    Air freight is a form of shipping people / goods by means of airplanes. Air freight is suitable for shipping international cargo with small weight such as fast fax, small, lightweight postal parcel. Advantages Air freight has the following

    Date 07/ 03/ 2017
  • Sea freight services

    Sea freight is growing rapidly and becoming a modern freight sector in international freight system. This is the most economical mode of freight and allows cargo to the most remote places, which can not be achieved by rail and

    Date 07/ 03/ 2017

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